Monday, August 10, 2009

Too Loud to Be Heard

Screaming and angrily pointing fingers at your local Congressmen is a great way get the camera rolling, but it’s not an effective approach to criticizing the proposed health care reform, even if the content is relevant. Using this approach focuses all the attention to the delivery of the content – the screaming, the yelling, the pushing - not the content itself.

Our country's prosperity is directly attributable to vocal protests of the people towards their government, a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution. To dismiss the protests as “manufactured” or “un-American” is far more destructive to our democracy than the protests themselves. What’s worse is that these comments did not come from the talking heads in the network media; it came directly from the House Majority Leader, in a written statement. Are members of Congress so caught up in their own greatness that they dismiss any criticism of their ideas as “manufactured” and “un-American”, as if real citizens could never think critical for themselves?

I'm not even going to get into the hypocrisy of this claim given the use of various "community organisers" employed by the Democratic Party (and in fact now employed by the US Government after the stimulus bill funnelled money their way). These groups are the purest definition of “manufactured” thought. Daily emails are sent to their followers, dictating views and thoughts on specific issues. Do Americans on either side of the asile really need a daily email to tell them what to think about a subject?

I thought Democrats were the champions of free speech? To demonise something so fundamental to our democracy is unbelievable and inexcusable.


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