Friday, October 29, 2010

The Daily Misdirection

I need to address two specific misdirection tactics that Democrats are giving a significant amount of air time in the run up to Election Day.

The first is the concept that last minute money from evil and anonymous conservative entities is somehow buying the election. As Speaker Pelosi said “"Everything was going great and all of a sudden secret money from God knows where—because they won't disclose it—is pouring in." President Obama said something very similar at a recent campaign stop.

While an incredibly wasteful amount of money is spent on elections by both sides in every cycle, the idea that a surge of money from conservative groups is all of a sudden “buying” the 2010 midterms is ludicrous. How Democrats, including President Obama and Ms. Pelosi, can say this with a straight face while knowing that the unions are once again the largest contributors to this election (and they give 95% to Democrats), and that Democrats will significantly outspend Republicans in competitive races, is fraudulent, and reeks of desperation.

Speaking of desperation, I also wanted to discuss the idea that Democrats are losing because the American people are just too dumb and/or “scared” to understand what they’ve accomplished over the last two years in power. They tend to say it a bit more politely, with President Obama suggesting that his 42 press conferences, 158 interviews, 23 town halls and seven campaign rallies (thanks to Ms. Strassel at the WSJ for counting these for us) haven’t appropriately “advertized” the benefits of the legislation that was passed. The real message is clear - “Trust us, we know what’s best for you, because we’re smarter than you.”

It’s very simple - the only voters that really matter in most general elections are moderates and independents.  These two groups are acutely aware of the Democrat’s legislative “achievements” over the last two years, and can't wait to reject those "achievements" on Tuesday. 


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