Friday, January 27, 2012

Wish Them Luck? Seriously?

While making our daily trip to to see what ridiculous stories they consider “front page” news (today was MRI orgasms - we wish we were kidding), up popped the following advertisement: 

Seriously?!?! Wish them luck?

Was this a joke ad by some Republican Super PAC?

Nope, “Paid for by Obama for America.”

Millions unemployed, millions more underemployed, deficits as far as the eye can see, millions with underwater mortgages, crushing debt loads, and increasing costs on everything from gas to health care to groceries, and President Obama, with his $1 Billion campaign war chest, wants US to wish HIM luck?

“Sign the card” to “wish them luck in 2012” and, oh by the way,
give them your email address so they can send you daily propaganda and pleads for more cold hard cash!

We could not think of a clearer example of how out of touch President Obama is with the state of our union. We know all presidents need to have some level of narcissism, but this takes it to unprecedented heights.

The most powerful person on the planet needs you to wish him luck.



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