Monday, September 30, 2013

An Alternative GOP Strategy

We have a better continuing resolution/debt ceiling strategy for House Republicans:

Pass a bill with two features:

1) Pass a budget and increase the debt ceiling.  In fact, as a gesture of goodwill, increase it more than required so to avoid possibility of another faux-default crisis in the short term. 

2) Require a full and clean implementation of the Affordable Care Act, as written and passed in 2010. The legislation would rescind all waivers and delays provided to businesses, Congress and others by the White House.   

Democrats get the debt ceiling increase they want, and with it, Obamacare in all its glory. 

Republicans avoid a government shutdown, and force Democrats to live with their flawed bill.  It’s a harsh strategy, but it is likely to force the President to reconsider his anti-negotiation stance.  The President and Democrats in Congress would be forced to either double down on a flawed law, or cast a vote of no confidence on their signature piece of legislation.

Democrats voted for Obamacare, and refuse to consider a repeal or delay.  If it’s Obamcare that they want, it’s Obamacare that they'll get. 

There would be no credible way to blame the Republicans for a government shut down if Democrats were unwilling to accept the full impact of their own legislation.     

I’m constantly reminding my children that their decisions have consequences; perhaps Democrats need the same lecture.  


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