Sunday, August 7, 2011

The "Progressive Crack Up"

Here's a brilliant op-ed in Saturday's WSJ by Peter Berkowitz.  No party has a stranglehold on hypocrisy, but this piece does an excellent job at highlighting the hypocrisy in today's progressive politics.  A couple of our favorite lines -
"Progressive partisans also displayed economic illiteracy, refusing to recognize the respectability or even the existence of alternative economic views."
"How often they have haughtily lectured the nation on the vital importance of civility in public discourse, the urgency of constraining executive power under law, and the need for impartial expertise in public affairs to pragmatically weigh competing public-policy options. But in the debt-limit debate the virtues they profess could hardly have been more spectacularly absent."
"Add to this the progressive belief that human beings can be perfected through the rule of experts, and you have a recipe—when the people make choices contrary to progressive dictates—for generating contempt among the experts for the people whose interests they claim to alone represent. And not just contempt, but even disgust at diversity of opinion, which from the progressive's perspective distracts the people from the policies demanded by impartial reason."


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